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Kise Makes A Friend by meguri_aite (a HnG/KnB crossover, first in Aces of Kaijou series)

a collaboration with made-of-coffee (her idea, her art + my text), please see the notes at the end


Kaijou High has a few aces up its sleeve, Kise shares the spotlight with some prissy guy who actually wears Kaijou school uniform buttoned up, and Touya gets a fanclub.

When the Student Council president of Kaijou High suggested that the Newspaper Club do a special issue on the school’s star pupils, he didn’t know he was about to revolutionize the school’s popularity rankings and foster one beautiful friendship.

(you can read it on AO3 or here under the cut)

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If by some chance you don't know who made-of-coffee is yet, do yourself a favour and check out her amazingness - and her amazing fanart in particular.

This story happened solely because she had a brilliant idea that Touya could go to Kaijou - mostly because she kept confusing Kaio and Kaijou, hehe - and invited me to make a collaboration about the shenanigans that would ensue. So, I'm very very happy to present you our collab with her awesomesauce picture - AREN'T THEY THE CUTEST?:D:D - born out of her idea and our mutual giggling over it on skype. THANK YOU, made-of-coffee, for sharing the idea, the fun and of course the pictures<3 I hope the story didn't disappoint.

And thanks to Alex for a very prompt beta and willingness to give Kise a chance:)

Made-of-coffee and I want to come back to this crossover universe with tales of Shindou fanboying over miragen, Touya being unnerved by eyeliner and possibly the whole of generation of miracles and such. That's why the story is listed as part of a series. Stay tuned!:)

However, if you like the idea and want to contribute to it, let's make it an open project and a collection!


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